5 Essential Accessories for Pulling off a Tuxedo

There are different ways through which a tuxedo can be accessorized. Here are five things that can accentuate a look with tuxedo. 

The latest trend report says that while attending a semi-formal or formal event, it has become mandatory to wear a tuxedo to maintain the dress code of the event. You cannot just dress up in your day suit or blazer, because you have to raise the bar. And, a man in tuxedo grabs women’s attention in no time.

If it’s your first time, you can simply go for a classic black tux. And if you are the one who likes to experiment a little, you can go for a colored tuxedo-like in navy blue, burgundy, or some nice prints.

Generally, men accessorize their tux with a cummerbund, waistcoat, and oxfords. But there are some other accessories also which add some depth to your formal look. The real men’s style is not just limited to clothes. It is actually how you make yourself look by accessorizing your attire.

But men usually are found in a confused state, while choosing accessories for themselves. Yes, we understand that it becomes difficult for men to find the right accessories; therefore, we have come up with this short checklist so that you look suave in a tuxedo and make the heads turn.

Bow tie

A bow tie is a must-have accessory when wearing a tuxedo. A simple rule which you need to remember while choosing a bow tie is matching it with the lapel of your jacket. Like, you can wear a black bow tie with a black tuxedo. And, if you are going for a colored tuxedo then pick a monochrome bow tie. Choosing a correct bow tie with nice fabric will make your outfit look great.


If this is something new for you, without thinking much, you can simply go for sterling silver cufflinks. They will add elegance to your look. And if you are quite comfortable with cufflinks, then feel free to try on some cool designs, with varied shape and color. A good pair of cufflinks adds charm and a hue of sophistication to your look and makes you look stylish. It also elevates your personality.


So, the fundamental rule of wearing a tuxedo is – never wear a belt with it. It is the suspenders that will help you to own that swoon-worthy look. For holding up your trousers, try suspenders. They keep your pants at the perfect rise without making your waist cinched and giving you an unflattering shape. Now comes the color of the suspender, so gentlemen’s rule says that black or white are the best picks.

Pocket square

A pocket square is one of the favorite accessories when it comes to styling a tuxedo or a suit. From silk to cotton, you can pick any fabric of your choice for a pocket square. Some really popular colors for pocket square are burgundy, green, red, purple and navy blue. If you want to brighten up your look, you can experiment with prints and different patterns. Generally, for formal occasions, flat fold or one or two-point fold is preferred, whereas, for casual occasions, you can go for some flare with the classic puff fold or the flamboyant fold.


Watch is an accessory that is loved by all. But do you know that a good watch can elevate your personality? So, when you are planning to wear a tuxedo, go for a sleek and classy watch that matches your cufflinks. Also, see that the dial looks simple and elegant. Even a pocket watch is a great option, it gives that vintage look. A wristwatch has great power, it can build or break your outfit, so choose wisely!

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