Baby Furniture – How to Keep Baby Safe

Buying baby furniture can be overwhelming.
There are so many styles and options. But one thing that is most
important is that the furniture needs to be safe for your baby.

First check the corner posts on the crib. The best option is corner
posts that are flush with the headboard and footboard. At most, they
should extent 1/16” above the top. They should not be long enough for
clothing worn to get hooked on.

Check that the mattress support hangers can be completely secured to
the frame by either bolts or closed hooks. Regularly check the crib’s
hardware to make sure none of it has loosened something that can happen
with a child bouncing on the mattress.

If you’ll be using bumper pads, check them out carefully to have the
following features: tie or snap in place, fit all the way around the
crib, have straps/ties in each corner, in the middle of the sides along
the open rails and should also have ties at the top and bottom edges.
(Be sure to remove the bumper pads when your child can stand in the
crib. Otherwise they might use the pad as something to step on if they
want to climb out of the crib.)

Once you get the crib and mattress home, discard all plastic. Never use
any part of the plastic, including the bag covering the mattress, as
the plastic could cause suffocation.

Because of the potential of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), use a
firm, flat mattress in the crib and lay your baby on their back.
Instead of using a blanket that can get wrapped around the baby, use a
one-piece sleeper with legs and arms.

When arranging the baby furniture
in the nursery, keep the crib away from any window. Any windows that
have blinds or draperies also have cords that could cause
strangulation. And the screen of an open window is not strong enough to
prevent a child from falling out.

If you put your baby to bed with a pacifier or teether, never tie it
around their neck. When you are ready to put your baby down to sleep,
there should be nothing around their neck and that includes bibs and

Make sure the side rail is fully locked when raised. Put the mattress
in its lowest position once your child can stand in the crib by itself.
Remove any and everything that they could possibly stand on to try and
climb out including any stuffed animals or toys.

Climbing out anyway? Then keep the side rail down. It’s a lot less further to fall than if the side rail is up.

And finally, keep in mind that any baby toy/mobile/gym that stretches
across the crib is wonderful for your infant but can become a
strangulation hazard once your baby gets older and more active.