Baby Shower Centerpieces That Are Easy To Do Yourself

When you have a baby shower to plan, you can use these ideas for baby shower centerpieces. These are easy to make at home yourself or to create with very little effort. These baby shower centerpiece ideas are also affordable and fun.

Planning a baby shower for someone is lots of fun and you can create a lovely party with some simple and cost effective decorations and games. You can also make your own baby shower centerpieces that will give the event a special touch that the mom to be will really appreciate. Here are some of the centerpieces that you can easily create at home.

To start off with you should think about what the mother-to-be loves. You can think about favorite colors, favorite flowers and even favorite baby items. Ask if the baby is a boy or a girl. If they have not found out yet, then you can also find out what colors they are planning for the nursery or what theme. These will give you some ideas to use for the centerpieces.

One of the great things you can do yourself when you want baby shower centerpieces that are also part of the baby shower favors, is to create a mobile above the table with baby items hanging from it. You can use dummies, bottles, rattles, teethers, and other things. Along with this can be the favors in little bags.

For something simple and pretty you can use balloons and some cut flowers that are a favorite and place them into a vase. You can even use streamers and they can all be color coordinated with the theme. You can then print some baby items and stick them all over the table and vase as well as on the balloons for a fun finish.

The baby shower centerpiece does not have to be traditional in the sense of being a centerpiece. In fact the centerpiece can be the cake. This will work well if you get a large stacked cake. You can make this a diaper cake or a baby bottle shaped cake. You can even use little cupcakes instead of a large cake which can have baby alphabet letters on each one in pink or blue icing.

With your baby shower you can easily use a specific theme or character to create interesting centerpieces. If you want to do a baby Winnie the Pooh theme you can have fluffy toys in the center of the table inside a basket (this can also serve as a gift). Around this you can place some honey jars filled with little flowers.

For a color theme you can use anything you have at home. It can be balloons, streamers, candles, flowers, and more to just make a centerpiece in the perfect colors. You can even use some gemstones or colorful bits of ribbon and paper. You can also find some twigs to spray or pine cones that can be sprayed in the right color.

You can make your baby shower centerpieces as funny, endearing, or special as you like and you can easily create them at home with some imagination and insight. You can use some of these ideas or more than one of them and create a fun and interesting baby shower to be remembered. This will be all done with wonderful venue decoration and stunning centerpieces that are personal and made with love.

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