Baby Slings And Your Baby’s Safety

You have to be careful about baby carriers as using a baby carrier for a newborn might cause problems. In this article you will read about baby slings and safety concerns.

Positional asphyxia or suffocation tends to happen to babies when their chin is tightly pressed against their chest. This position restricts airflow which can then cause suffocation. This often happens when the baby is put on a sling that is why parents or anyone who uses baby slings should take the necessary precaution when using baby slings. Before you head out the door, you have to check that your baby’s airway is clear and that there is no obstruction. Observe your baby’s regular breathing, even when he or she is sleeping in your sling.

Here are other safety measures that you need to take before you put your baby in a sling:

Baby slings are often made of sturdy materials to support the weight of your baby. But you should never be too complacent. You have to constantly check your baby sling for any sign of wear or damage before you put your baby in it. If you see any tear or damage and you get dubious as to whether you are still going to use it, don’t. Never put your child’s safety at risk.

Before you get started in wearing your baby sling, read the enclosed manual or instructions. If your carrier comes with an instructional video, watch it before trying out the sling. Whenever possible, you can ask the sales clerk to demonstrate how to properly wear the baby sling so that you’ll not be left clueless on how you should wear it.

If you will board a moving vehicle, remove your baby from your sling. These contraptions are not approved as safety seats and therefore should not be worn as alternate to baby carriers used for vehicles.

When you are around or near any mechanical equipment, take extra caution. The tail of your baby sling could get caught on the machine.

When you are wearing your sling, do not get too near open flames. The fabric that is often used in baby slings is not flame resistant as they are often made from materials that are comfortable for babies. This also goes to say that you should never wear baby slings when you are cooking or when you are holding hot beverage in your hand.

Never engage yourself in very rigorous activity when you are wearing your baby sling. You should not run, bike, jog or hike when you are wearing your baby in a sling. If you plan to bring your baby during these activities, try to use strollers or backpack baby carriers instead. Your baby will be safer that way.