Baby Teething Toys Help Your Baby Teeth Comfortably

Make your baby more comfortable while his new teeth are coming in with teething toys. These toys come in three types to accommodate the three phases of teething before, during and after the emergence of baby teeth.

Babies start to teeth at around seven months, but some babies start to teeth at around three months and others start much later, at one year old. They will start to grab at everything and bite on them, and they will also start to drool more than they usually do. Whenever the father or mother of the baby started teething when they were babies is probably the time that the baby will start to teeth.

In order to make teething more comfortable for your baby, you can buy them teething toys. This way, they will not grab at unsanitary and possibly dangerous things.  Their teething will probably end at around two or three years of age, and by then they should have about twenty baby teeth.

These types of toys are available in three types. First, there are the soft toys which are meant for the first stages of your baby’s teething, before the teeth start to come out. These are usually in the form of cloth and stuffed animals. To make things more exciting for your baby, there are also squeaky teething toys.

When your baby’s gums start to become irritated, there are soothing cool toys. These are hollow and filled with sanitized water. They are put in the fridge to cool so that when your baby needs to chew on it, the coolness makes your baby’s gums more comfortable. Your baby will also be fascinated by the temperature and have fun with the toy.

The last kind of teething toys are solid baby toys for when you can see the teeth coming out already. These kinds of toys are made from soft rubber and plastics which are painted on with nontoxic paint, examples of which include teething rings.

When you choose your baby’s teething toys, you can bring your baby along to help you choose. Bright colors and shapes interest babies, so choose the ones that your baby likes the most. This way, they will have fun playing with their toy and they will not resort to picking up random and possibly harmful objects. 

Baby teething toys can also serve other functions. There are rattles which have ring handles and stuffed toys with teething rings attached. Baby teething blankets are helpful as well, since they have rubber edges so that your baby can chew on them when being put to sleep. Some teething toys have built-in vibrators to massage your baby’s gums and make them feel better.

Remember to check for small parts on the teething toys. If they could get dislodged, don’t buy them. Also, clean your baby’s teething toy when it is not being used so that they do not get too dirty. When your baby has friends over, make sure that they do not get their teething toys mixed up, since your baby’s toys are meant to be your baby’s only.