choosing the right baby changing unit for your business premises

If you are looking for a Baby Changing Unit for your Business Premises, you will find a large choice of Baby Changing Units around, so how do you make the right choice? browse massive range of baby changing tables at lowest price with next day delivery options only at CNM Online.

Q1 – Do I really need one?

Well, – as it is now compulsory in Scotland for all relevant Business Premises such as Pubs, Restaurants, Retail Stores and any other organisation that provide toilets for their customers, to provide a Baby Changing Unit, then In Scotland there is  no choice but to comply, or risk a hefty fine!

This is expected to be introduced in England and Wales making it compulsory for everyone!

Q2 – Ok, so this is just another cost for my Business?

Maybe so, – But, with a Baby Changing facility you should look forward to increased Business and Sales, as you now stand a better chance of attracting the family market.

Q 3- But, I don’t have much space?

You will already have Ladies washrooms so all you really need is a Wall-Mounted Baby Changing Unit, and preferably a Horizontal Wall-Mounted one, so as not to take up too much of that valuable space.  Obviously, this could also be placed in the Gents washrooms to be politically correct!, or as disabled washroom facilities tend be larger and more private, many Businesses choose to have their Baby Facilities in there.

Q4 – Right then, I do need one, but how much?

Like most things prices can vary depending on size, quality, etc.

With Wall Mounted Baby Changing Units, the prices usually range from the cheap end at £95 plus Vat, to some good quality reliable ones at a reasonable price of around £150 plus Vat, with the top of the range models advertised in excess of £1,000 plus Vat!

Q5 – So which one should I choose?

If you are on a tight budget the cheaper ones probably would suffice but I would be inclined to question their durability and safety. Also, look at the image a cheaper one may portray to your customers!

At the other end of the scale there are the high end models. These can be quite sophisticated and modern, many with a classy Stainless Steel Finish. Although these will ultimately do the same job as the others, they may be more fitting with an up-market environment and will almost certainly last longer!

Personally, I would tend to go for the middle of the range models, and look for one with say a 5 year guarantee that’s simple to install, there are some around! These will do the job required and meet health and safety standards, all at a reasonable price, of around £150 plus Vat.Choose from massive range of Baby changing tables having different options like Safe Hands baby changing unit, Wall mounted baby  changing stations; Horizontal or Vertical  and lots more at CNM Online, competitive rates with next day delivery.