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Einstein Method To Rapid SolutionsBy Dave CzachAlbert Einstein provided brilliant theories and ideas to ourworld. But where did these ideas originate? Experience, education, the twilight zone or all of the above? It’s been reported that Mr. Einstein said his best work resulted from ideas while engaging in “something like” daydreaming.We all daydream. The difference between your daydreams and Einstein’s daydreams is what happens before and after the daydream. Did you plan your daydream, or did it just happen?Wonderful solutions to almost any dilemma can be created while engaging in “something like” daydreaming. Be it business-related such as marketing, management or finding those pesky dollars needed for financing to a personal nature like resolving relationship issues or overcoming mental barriers. “Something like” daydreaming can help. Nowlet’s explore the “something like” part and how you can useit today and any day.When you daydream, physiological changes take place. If you recall your last occurrence, you probably felt as if no one was around you anymore. You were whisked off in your own little world. Imagining great things and what you would loveto do “if you had the chance.” What happened physiologicallyis your alpha brain waves became more dominant. Based on 20years of brain wave research by the late British biofeedbackresearcher C. Maxwell Cade, while in this “light-alpha” state of mind, you become more relaxed. Ideas flow easier. And they disappear quickly. To obtain more genius solutionsand cement the ideas, you have to access “Einstein’s level.”Mr. Einstein’s “something like” daydreaming level is known as the theta brain wave level. This state of mind is commonly referred to as the twilight zone. The fuzzy area between sleep and awake. The time of amazing creativity andastonishing memory recall. The trick is to plan your “daydream” to generate a solution for whatever problem you wish to solve at the moment. Simply write down everything you know about the problem – before it became a problem! In other words, step back in time. What was right before itwent wrong?For example, suppose your business sales declined. You’re pulling out your hair screaming, “What happened?” Take outa sheet of paper. Write exactly what you were doing to produce the sales. Such as financing, personnel, marketing,etc. Now compare that to your present situation. Notice thedifferences. Write down where you want to be and when. Now enter the theta-alpha brain wave level and visualize what you just wrote – including the final successful stage. Thefinal step is to say, “I now release these ideas and requesta brilliant solution using any or all of my current resources.” Now return to normal, waking consciousness and go about your day. Do not dwell on the problem any longer. When the idea returns, quickly stop whatever you’re doing, write it down and follow it precisely.To access the theta-alpha brain wave level, you basically have two choices. The old-fashioned way or the “new” high-tech method. The old way is finding a mentor who will teachyou meditation. Over time, you will gradually learn how to quickly access the deep levels of the mind. That could take years and requires extreme desire and dedication. Or you could step into the theta-alpha state of mind instantly using today’s technology. With the help of mind electronics,you can tap into “Einstein’s level” by simply pressing playon your CD player.Copyright 2003 Dave Czach.************************************************************This article may be reprinted and/or distributed freely provided there are no changes including the copyright, thisstatement and the following Editor’s Note.Editor’s Note: Dave Czach has been a part-time experiential mindbody researcher since 1993. You can contact him and find mindbody CD’s at his website: http://SonicPoint.com .************************************************************

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