Experts imperfections

In the nine months that mothers carried their child in their wombs, they could only hope that the baby will emerge in perfect health. With this hope, they take the prescribed medicines, eat the right foods and take the necessary precautions needed. All in all, this will lead to one of the most memorable stages in a woman’s life: childbirth. The pain that comes with it is no match for the happiness when the time came for the baby to emerge into the world. And the one thing mothers always think before themselves is the baby’s health upon and after birth. So it must have been such a blow to them when something bad happens to the baby.

There are many cases wherein the experts are one causing the damage to the patient. In pregnant women, there have been cases of negligence either during pregnancy and childbirth. During pregnancy, sometimes doctors gives out wrong prescriptions out of negligence. It cannot be seen yet during this stage. It is after birth that these can be these. It can be brain damages to deformities and even death. It is only after these injuries surfaced that one can the damage has been done.

There also have been cases of malpractice during childbirth. Sometimes due to doctors not doing their job properly, serious injuries and damages are incurred. An example of this is a case wherein, during childbirth, babies are not given the treatment they need, causing physical injuries and internal defects. Some in diagnosing the wrong treatment leads to birth injuries. Many cases have been reported of this negligence on the part of the doctors in treating patients especially those who are giving birth. Instances like this are sometimes not given corrective actions because of ignorance. The victims of these cases believed in the expertise of the professionals, giving them their full trusts only to be disappointed and be victims in the end.

Victims of malpractice have not been given the attention they need in dealing with these problems. Usually, those cases are either set aside or not given much notice due to the fact that these are up against professionals who are experts in their craft. But what others do not consider is that experts are not perfect. They are also capable of making mistakes as all people are.

Professional malpractice is common now in the society. People are not just aware of these negligence. Sometimes they mistook it for their own mistake but what they do not know is they are the victims.

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