Tips on How to Safely Use a Baby Swing

A baby swing is now a must have baby furniture for all
parents, so it definitely on their shopping list. When dealing with a fussy
baby, a baby swing works like magic, providing parents and babysitters a highly
welcomed reprieve. It saves parents a lot of effort as they are not required
anymore to always cuddle their baby just to please him and stop him from

  Thus, they can rest for a while or take care of some
other important tasks as well. Still, even it is a very convenient accessory it
is necessary for certain precautions to be made as it is not completely safe
for an infant to be left unattended in such a baby swing. Thus, there are
things you can do and some others that you can’t when using a baby swing.

 First, it is important to ensure that your baby is
completely comfortable. Make sure that the padding or the mattress has no hard
portions or sides and that there are no crawling insects on it.

 You also need to safely buckle the baby ensuring that
the baby is completely strapped. Check for each strap to be secured.

 It is also recommended for the swing to be covered
with a mosquito net. This is accessory is in some times included with some baby
swing models. If your model doesn’t have one, just visit a baby accessories
store. The mosquito net will keep the baby safe from mosquito bites that can
lead to dengue or malaria.

 The baby should not be left unattended for a long
period of time. It is very important to have someone watching the baby while
you plan to have a long shower or bath. It is fine if you get something
quickly, coffee or something else, but it is highly recommended not to leave
the baby alone for very long.

 It is also not a great idea to set the highest level
at the speed of motion, when you plan to leave the baby by himself for a longer
period. Although it can immediately calm him, he can also get dizzy from it. It
is not advisable to shake the baby too hard manually or in a swing to prevent
any potential trauma and head injuries which could even lead to serious brain

 When it comes to babies, a baby swing is an extremely
convenient accessory. However, make sure you use and handle it with proper care
to prevent the baby from any potential injuries.