Uniquely Adorable Infant Halloween Costume Ideas

Get new unique infant Halloween costume ideas for this year’s Halloween events and parties.  It’s about that time of the year to shop for a Halloween costume for your little one!

Infants can join in on the fun on Halloween too. There is nothing cuter than an infant, unless of course it is an infant in costume. Infant Halloween costumes often are based on animals, occasionally are based on story book characters, and rarely are scary. You can let your imagination go wild when it comes to infant Halloween costumes.

Pumpkin or Jack-o-lantern costumes are easy, they can be worn over the clothing, and they do not restrict movement. The pumpkin costume usually gives an infant a pudgy look and works best with large infants. Under weight infants pull off this costume better than their thinner counter parts.

Fairies or Tinker Bell costumes are adorable on an infant. A fairy costume can be made simply by adding wings to a cute summer dress or you can purchase a ready made fairy costume. Tinker Bell costumes give a Disney twist to this popular Halloween choice.  When you dress your infant as a fairy you don’t want to include a wand that may get chewed on or poked into someone’s eyes.

Duck/Cow/Pig Barn yard animals are another popular choice for infant costumes. You can usually purchase an infant sleeper that has a hood with the animal’s facial features on it. These can be absolutely adorable. You can also make these costumes if you are handy with a sewing machine.

Little Devils are cute as can be on Halloween. Infant devil costumes are easy to pull off at the last minute if something happens to the first costume choice too. The costume can be as simple as a red outfit and a bit of imagination. You can purchase infant size devil costumes for your little one as well.

Baby Bugs are another cute idea for infant Halloween costumes. If your infant is just starting to crawl, these can be really cute costumes. You can purchase a caterpillar or lady bug costume and then let your little bug scoot across the floor of your party.

You should keep in mind your infant probably won’t want to wear anything that restricts movement or covers their face. A mask shouldn’t be included in an infant Halloween costume. You shouldn’t use face paint near the mouth or eyes on an infant if you do use any at all. Face paint is not needed with most infant Halloween costumes.