Why Do People Keep Buying Babies Rattles?

Some babies love them, some hate them, but it never fails, there are always more than a few babies rattle in the home of new parents.

Babies rattle are an interesting thing. For some babies it is nothing but a horrible annoyance, something to make them shriek even louder and longer. For other babies, it is an interesting distraction from whatever is bothering them at that moment. There are dozens of kinds of rattles and for some reason, the baby that likes them the least seems to end up with the most.

It starts with the baby shower – nearly every gift either has a rattle inside of the box or as a tie on gift on top of it. The befuddled mother-to-be, especially the first timers, smiles and shakes each of them, overcome by hormones and emotions. They end up in a box or in a pile in the home, waiting for the new baby to come home. Eventually, the big day arrives and a downy soft baby is brought in slowly and carefully. The new parents introduce him to each room, cooing and gushing at him as they show him around the place.

Sooner or later, things settle down and the parents are left with trying to work things out with the new, very loud, very demanding stranger that they are so in love with but know so very little about. Eventually, it will happen. The baby will wake from a sound sleep and wail, his little face red and outraged, his little fists in disgruntled balls beside his head. Does he want to eat? No, he refuses every effort of that. He is dry, he doesn’t need burped. So, what does the parent do? They get desperate enough to grab a rattle from the nearby table and shake it in the baby’s face. It is at that moment that the decision will be made: the baby will reveal his true feelings about the rattle.

Even a baby that likes the rattle will tire of it fairly quickly. They may like the rattle while they are just learning about their world and gaining control over their little hands, but once they are playing with other toys, the rattle will have very little appeal. Ask any sleep deprived mother and she will also tell you that the rattle is certainly not very high on her own list of favorite things either. And, most people know that and unless they are blocking it out of their memory, there is really no real good reason to be giving so many of these things to people!

Once the baby outgrows them, you are stuck with a houseful of toys that hold no appeal, so you might start looking for craft projects or other ways to deal with your collection of old and discarded, babies rattle.